A free and fast VPN app

v4freedom is a lightning-fast app that provides free VPN service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one button, and you can access the Internet securely and anonymously. The new servers are refreshed every 30 minutes and you can access the new servers.



v4freedom is a lightning-fast & cross-platform app provides free VPN service.

  • Support v2ray protocols (vmess, vless, trojan, shadowsocks, socks)
  • Support ssh tunnel
  • Provide new protocol, v4freedom
  • Modify and share VPNs
  • Scan & Generate QR code to add and share VPNs
  • Test VPN servers speed (tcping, real delay, httping)
  • A method to find the best and fastest VPNs based on your network
  • v4freedom community to share your VPN servers with other users.