Multilingual support for a global user base.

v4freedom is a cutting-edge VPN application that delivers lightning-fast, secure, and free VPN service across all platforms without any need for configuration. Just a single click lets you browse the internet securely and anonymously. Enjoy access to freshly updated servers every 30 minutes, ensuring optimal performance.

Main Features:

🟣 Extensive protocol support including v2ray (vmess, vless, trojan, shadowsocks, socks) and ssh tunnel.
🟣 Exclusive access to our proprietary v4freedom protocol.
🟣 Easy modification and sharing of VPN configurations.
🟣 QR code functionality for quick VPN addition and sharing.
🟣 Comprehensive VPN server speed testing (tcping, real delay, httping) to ensure the fastest connections.
🟣 An innovative method for identifying the best and fastest VPNs tailored to your network.
🟣 Robust subscription group support for seamless VPN management.
🟣 Advanced management features for subscriptions and personal VPNs, including auto-update, speed sorting, and smart configurations.
🟣 User-customizable Speed tester to cater to diverse needs.
🟣 Multilingual support for a global user base.
🟣 Join the v4freedom community to share and discover VPN servers with other users.